CORE YOGA FUSION- 75 minutes

Energize yourself with our own dynamic fusion of yoga, Pilates, and core conditioning. This athletic class weaves sun salutations, abdominal work, and vigorous yoga poses in a heat-building, breath-based flow. Come ready to sweat!  All levels welcome.

75 or 90 minutes

A dynamic, breath-based yoga class in the vinyasa style. We blend the heating power of Ashtanga with the heart-opening joy of Kripalu Yoga, burning away resistance and emerging, purified, from the fire of practice. Some yoga experience recommended. Our sequence includes lots of standing poses and hip openers, some arm balances, plus backbends and inversions that work for your body.

SLOW FLOW- 90 minutes

Move deeply into yoga postures as you build strength in this meditative vinyasa class. We focus on breathing, self-compassion, and mindfulness. Expect some challenging standing sequences as well as restorative floor work.  All levels welcome, including beginners. (Currently on hold)

PRENATAL FLOW- 90 minutes

A compassionate flow for expectant mothers at all stages of pregnancy. We focus on deep breathing, intuitive movement, and delicious stretches for prenatal aches and pains. Relieve stress, relax, and nourish yourself as you connect to your baby in a room full of pregnant women.  NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
(Currently on hold. Please contact us for more info.)